St Marks Theological Seminary offers a wide range of programmes for the prospective theological and lay student. These programmes will adhere to the following structure:


The pass mark for any of the assignments and tests is 50%, unless it says otherwise on your assignment instructions. Please read the Seminary’s Policy on re-submissions of assignments. To pass any of the courses, you must achieve a mark of 50% for the overall course. 80% is a distinction.


Each of the undergraduate courses are worth 10 credits which will be accrued towards your qualification. You will receive a transcript that records all your courses and the credits you have accumulated.

  • For the various qualifications, you need:
  • Higher Certificate 120 credits NQF Level 5 (Once Accredited)
  • Diploma 240 credits NQF Level 6 (Once Accredited)
  • Bachelor Degree 360 credits NQF Level 7 (Once Accredited)
  • Honours Degree 120 credits NQF Level 8 (Once Accredited)
  • No enrollments can be taken until the accreditation process is complete. (See our pre-tertiary certificates available all year round to persons wanting to gain further knowledge of God)


Once you have enough credits for the qualification into which you have enrolled, you may graduate with that qualification. Students with outstanding fees, may only graduate once their account is cleared.


An award ceremony is held in May every year for students who successfully completed their qualification in the previous study year.


As teachers and students, we do all to bring glory to God. It is therefore unacceptable for students to behave badly in any way, which would include committing plagiarism, defaming the seminary or any of its staff, or copying from fellow students.

St Marks Theological Seminary is opposed to plagiarism. As this is a serious offence, students are expected to adhere to the Policies that the Seminary implements and maintains.


  • Christian Ministry Fundamentals Certificate
  • Certificate in Dispensational Theology
  • Certificate in Knowing the Person of Christ and His Works
  • Certificate in Systematic Theology
  • Certificate in Christian Counselling